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Our Live-Call-Transfer program is perfect addition to any existing sales process.  Monetize the callers who do not qualify for your primary offer by recommending The Credit People as a potential solution.  If you have callers that are interested in repairing their credit, you can transfer them to our sales center and our team will explain the service, the benefits, and hopefully help them get started in our credit repair program.

You now have a way to still monetize the unqualified leads that you have already paid for.  Simply offer our service and pre-qualify the caller based on their credit situation, and determine if they would be a candidate for our service.  Warm transfer the caller to a dedicated phone number that we will provide you which will connect you directly with a member of our team.  Your agent provides some basic information about the caller and then brings the caller on the line and make the introduction.  Your agent can then exit the call leaving your caller in good hands with our consultation agent. 

You will be paid on any callers who sign up for our service.  

  • Commissions:  Payouts vary by volume, so we've found it best to discuss each deal on a case-by-case basis. Please call us today to discuss your situation and how we might begin working together.  We pay out on the 10th of every month for the previous month's performance.  If you are a high volume producer we can talk about a more frequent payment schedule.

  • Reporting and Dashboard: We can provide you with metrics that you require such as transfers, dispositions, sales, and conversion rate.

  • Scripting: We will craft a script from the start, and as we optimize for your leads, our sales process and scripting will evolve if needed. If you need help creating a pre-qualification script we can assist you with that as well.

  • Conversion rate: We typically meet or exceed the conversion rate of any existing credit repair company that you may be working with.  Our team will find a baseline and optimize from there.  Generally, it takes about two weeks before we have a baseline conversion rate to improve upon.

  • Volume: We can handle any amount of volume eventually.  We have partners who generate over 1,000 calls per day, and others that generate just a few.  We generally start with a small amount of transfers to get familiar with the leads and establish a baseline conversion rate.  After that we'll begin scaling the program.

  • Support: We will work with you along the way as we're optimizing the program.


The phrase "onboarding" sounds like such a burden, but we keep it simple.  The initial goal will be to just keep everything to the bare minimum...just enough for us to conduct an initial test.  We'll get you set up with a dedicated number, review your pre-qualification script, discuss any outstanding questions, and within a matter of days we can begin taking your calls.

You'll have access to basic reporting in your dashboard and any additional reporting you require can be provided.


Get started today, "partner"!

Questions: 866-382-3410

Schedule a call today:


VP Partner Development
[email protected]
866.382.3410 x6

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