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What is an affiliate program?

Simply put, in an affiliate program you refer people to another site in exchange for a commission on every qualified sale you produce. That usually means that you use a link (encoded with a unique ID number) to refer a visitor to their website, which tracks how many sales you are responsible for.

There are thousands of affiliate programs around. What makes the TCP affiliate program so powerful?

We have been doing this for years, we have a proven system and have worked out all of the kinks that make other affiliate programs so unreliable.

Here are some other great reasons to partner with us:

  • Commission size: You earn at least $75-$100+ for each sale -- and an additional $20 per sale from your sub- affiliate sales! Plus, you have the unique opportunity to earn bonuses based on your performance.

  • Proven simple sales process: We give you field-tested and proven "Copy, Paste, and Send" promotions and other easy-to-use resources.

  • Lucrative sub-affiliate program: You can earn fees from any affiliates you recruit whenever they make a sale. In other words, you get paid every time they make a sale!

  • Excellent Tracking : We accurately track every visitor and sale you generate and make these statistics available to you in real-time. Accurate tracking is vital to a successful partnership, we recognize this need, and use proven technology with an easy to use interface.

  • Three-year "Memory": If you send someone to our site and they don't buy today, but re-visits the site anytime within the next three years and enrolls in our service, you still earn your referral fee!

  • Exclusive Affiliate Resource Center: This private "Members Only" site lets you track your visitors, sales and earnings, all in real time, so you always know exactly how you're doing. Here is where you're provided with every tool you need to become a successful affiliate.

  • We take care of everything: Once you pass the visitor on to our site, we'll take care of all the details, including charging their credit card, fulfilling the service, and providing any customer service or technical support necessary. You don't have to do a thing!

  • Top Ranking: Our affiliate program is ranked as one of the top 10 Affiliate Programs online by many leading B2B review companies and websites.

How much will it cost me to join?

There is no cost to join! There is absolutely no risk on your part or ours.

When do I get paid?

We mail a commission check on the 10th of every month to the address you provide us. That checkwill always reflect a month's worth of sales. At the end of each month, your commissions are totaled for the previous month. (e.g. Your total sales for the month of July are paid August 10th, and your total sales for the month of August are paid September 10th, etc.) 

How long does it take to sign up and become an affiliate?

The sign-up process takes just a couple of minutes -- and there are no long surveys or endless forms to fill out. You can sign up for our affiliate program (for free) in just a couple of minutes.

How do I sign up?

Just go to our application form. After we review your application you'll receive a welcome email that includes your login information to our online "affiliates only" website (the affiliate resource center).

How will you keep track of the orders coming from my site?

It's easy! When you sign up as an affiliate, you will be assigned a unique identification number. This unique identification number is used in every URL that you use to link to our website. This ID is also in all the "Copy & Paste" e-mail promotions, classified ads, banner ads, text links, pop ups, etc. that we provide you with to promote our service. This is all done automatically. (We want to make things as easy as possible for you!)

When your visitor first comes to our site, we'll tag them with a "cookie" that includes your affiliate number. So if someone visits our site through your link and does not buy right away -- but returns within three years to enroll into our service -- you will still get credit for that sale and earn your commission!

If they have their "cookies" turned off on their browser, our special tracking software will always point to your affiliate identification number, even if they bookmark us and return later to purchase.

How will I know how many sales I've made?

You'll receive an e-mail alerting you of each order moments after it is placed. You can also login to the Affiliate Resource Center and view exactly how many visitors have traveled from your site to ours and how many sales were made on a daily basis.

What kind of income can I expect?

Currently, our average "medium traffic site" receives a monthly referral check between $600 to $900. We have web sites that earn $100 a month (very low traffic sites) and others as high as $10,000+ a month and higher (popular, high traffic sites).

The amount you earn depends on the type of people that visit your site, how many visitors you receive monthly, and how much exposure you give our website. Sites that have links to us in many places throughout their web sites do MUCH better than sites that only have a small link or just one link throughout their site. We cannot emphasize enough how important exposure is to the success of your campaign.

Make sure you spend some time reading the various tips and promotion ideas that we share with you throughout the Affiliate Resource Center. You'll discover the same secrets that our top affiliates are using so that you can experience the same success.

How much will I be paid when I make a sale?

We pay out $75.00 for every sale, but it doesn't stop there! You have the opportunity to earn up to $100.00 per sale if you generate just 10+ sales a month. And if you recruit other affiliates under you -- and as they make sales -- you get "second tier" commissions too from our sub-affiliate program. You get paid $20.00 for every sale your sub-affiliates generate!

How many of my visitors that I send to your site can I expect to end up buying?

As you probably already know, conversion rates depend on many factors. On average, most TCP affiliates earn one sale for every 95 to 115 visitors they send us. Some sites that really "perform" see one sale for every 15 to 18 visitors they refer to us; however, to get this kind of great conversion ratio, a well thought out sales process has been created by an experienced veteran affiliate marketer.

For those of you who may not be aware, these conversion ratios are fantastic when you consider that the average conversion ratio for a web site on the Internet is one sale per 720 visitors!

With that said, we want to make it clear that the type of traffic you generate has a direct effect on the percentage of people that buy. For example, if you are promoting our credit repair service on a site that sells widgets, it would be more reasonable to expect 1 sale out of every 750 to 900 visitors to the TCP site as these visitors are not targeted (i.e. they're unqualified visitors).

However, if you have a site that explains how to get out of debt or how to get approved for a credit card or a mortgage, you could expect to see results such as one out of every 50 visitors buying because they are the perfect qualified visitor with a natural interest in our products.

Do I need a credit card merchant account and a secure site to join?

No. That's the beauty of an affiliate program -- we take care of all of the payment processing, secure server technology and even the shopping cart system. All you do is promote our products and cash your commission checks every month!

Can I receive my commissions via Pay Pal?

No. All commissions are paid out in US currency checks and are sent by regular mail.

How should I incorporate the TCP Affiliate Program into my web site?

We offer a whole range of ready-to-use options -- from banners and text links to pop-up windows and ready-to-send e-mail promotions -- that you can easily add to your site or your opt-in mailings. We give you tools you need, but no matter how you integrate them into your web site, we give you complete control.

One of our Affiliate Support Specialists would be more than happy to speak with you once you've completed the application form to discuss the specific tools that would produce the best results with you unique web site.

How will my visitors order?

When one of your visitors clicks through your affiliate link, they can order directly online, or through our toll-free number, fax, or by mailing in an order form they printed from our website.

When the customer is ready to sign up, the TCP processing system takes over and automatically processes the order -- while recording your affiliate identification number to guarantee that you're credited for the sale.

Can I take orders directly on my web site instead, and just send you the customer information afterward?

No. We offer a secure web site which is essential in collecting online orders. Plus, we handle all customer questions and requests, including cancellations and returns. In fact, that's one of the reasons why earning affiliate commissions is so much easier than managing your own business! You get to eliminate the hassles of development, public relations, order processing, fulfillment, refunds, and customer service. We do all that. All you do is drive visitors to our site!

What kind of support do you offer?

We employ affiliate support specialists, whose sole focus is to provide you with the answers, advice and troubleshooting that will help you succeed. They're available to help you during business hours -- by phone or e-mail -- and we firmly believe that there's no such thing as a stupid question!

How do you determine qualified leads/sales?

In that a customer does not make three consecutive payments, this would be considered an “unqualified sale”.

We may claw back any commission paid to Affiliate that is an unqualified sale. Any resulting amounts owed to The Credit People by Affiliate may, in The Credit People's sole discretion, be deducted from the balance of any commissions earned by Affiliate that are unpaid as of the date The Credit People claws back the commission associated with unqualified sales.  In the event a commission is paid to Affiliate in error, The Credit People reserves the right to claw back such commission for a period of up to 90 days from the sale date (the "Error Claw Back Period"). In addition, The Credit People may, in its sole discretion, deduct any commission paid in error from commissions earned by Affiliate after the expiration of the Error Claw Back Period

Will you supply me with product descriptions and marketing material that I can use on my site?

Yes, we supply you with tested "Copy & Paste" e-mail and e-zine promotions, along with banner and classified ads and even pop-up windows -- all of which are field-tested and proven to work. In fact, minutes after completing our brief application form, you'll get access to our Affiliate Resource Center, which features a "getting started" section, letting you get up and running in just 10 minutes!

Is there telephone tracking available


What happens if I refer someone and they sign up later instead?

If you send someone to our website and they leave to think about it only to sign up at a later date, you will still receive credit for that sale. Our system places a "cookie" (a piece of tracking information) on their computer which it sees again when they return. Even if they return three years later, you'll still receive credit for the sale!


I don't have a website, do I need one?

No. If you market offline, your affiliate link IS where your website is located. All of our affiliates use our website to market. When you send someone to our website via your affiliate link, your unique affiliate identification number is tagged in the background, and if they sign up online, over the phone, or even mail in an order form they got from our website, YOU get credit for the sale! You don't need a website unless you're doing some type of specific online marketing that requires it like search engine optimization. Virtually every other form of marketing offline and online can be done simply using your affiliate link we provide you.

Questions?  866-382-3410
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