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Becoming an affiliate simply means you'll get paid for sending visitors to our website, We offer one of the most successful credit repair programs online, with over 100,000 satisfied clients. Joining our free affiliate program gives you an incredible opportunity to generate huge commission checks by promoting our credit repair service online.

  • You'll earn top commissions! We pay you $100+ for every visitor you send us that signs up.  If you're generating 20+ conversions a month, we increase your commissions tp $150.  Payouts vary by volume, so we've found it best to discuss each deal on a case-by-case basis. Please call us today to discuss your situation and how we might begin working together.

  • Reporting and Dashboard: You'll see metrics on EPC, clicks, sales, and we can pass subIDs as well.  We can track various landing pages and provide stats on both sales made online and sales generated by phone.

  • Creatives and resources: Banners, text links, logos, images, etc. We'll provide you with the foundational marketing materials.

  • Cookies and delayed conversions: Tracking cookies have a three year duration. If you send us a visitor who doesn't buy right away -- but comes back to our site and signs up within three years -- you'll still get fully commissioned!

  • Conversion rate: You'll benefit directly from our website's conversion rate--which often leads the industry.  Our sales team is also top-notch.  If your leads visit our website or call, we'll produce the best conversion rate possible.

  • Support: If you have questions, or just need support, our team will gladly help you, and recommend the best ways for you to market our service on your website or to your opt-in email list. 

We Take Care Of Everything For You!
  • You'll earn top commissions! We pay you $100 for every visitor you send us that signs up for our credit repair service. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn up to $200 per sale if you generate volume each month.

  • Commission payments are mailed out to your address on the 10th of every month for the previous month's performance.  On the 10th of every month our system will total how many active clients you have sent in the previous month.  Your commission check is created and mailed to you on that day.

  • How do we know which sales came from you?  You'll have a unique affiliate ID, tracking link, and we can even create a dedicated phone number for you.

Tracking your referrals:

Once you become an affiliate you'll have a unique tracking link.  We refer to this as your partner or affiliate tracking link.  Anyone who visits our website through that link will be tracked automatically.  Phone sales are also tracked.

Here's What Happens After You Join...

You'll immediately receive a welcome email with your unique user ID and password which gives you access to our partner dashboard. Once you log in, you'll find out how to get set up in less than 10 minutes.

You'll have access to all the marketing tools, reporting, metrics, all within your dashboard.

You can also edit your account information or your address in case you want your affiliate commission checks to go to a different address. And as I mentioned before you'll get full support.  It's completely free to join, we look forward to working together!


Get started today, "partner"!

Questions: 866-382-3410

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